— We Need Them, Now!

Youth on Assignment supports young journalists, podcasters, and filmmakers.

In a world where the pressures eroding journalism and freedom of the press grow each day, so does the need for brave new creators and truthseekers.

If we could adopt them, we would. Since we can’t, we can promote their work, offer incentives and awards (with money) provide technical training, create networking opportunities, and love them. The next generation of truth seekers and story tellers are the freedom fighters of tomorrow. Let’s hug them, give them a high-five, and add to their scholarship fund.

— Climb ON! Win a Youth on Assignment Award!

Start with a simple introduction! 👋

Send us a note and introduce yourself. What are you interested in? What are your goals? What new injustice needs exposing?! Do you have a film idea?

At YOA, we value your work. If you need some help getting started, we know what to do. In the meantime, get inspired and check out some of our favorite tutorials! Nominate someone or, even better, submit your own work for a Youth on Assignment Award!

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